Travelport has introduced the latest update to its Travelport+ platform with, according to an announcement, “enhanced, modern retailing tools that are paving the way to revolutionize travel retail, modernize the booking experience, and make it easier for agents to offer more choice and deliver better service to their travelers.” Jen Catto, chief marketing officer, said the new features empower travel agents to offer more choice, enable greater self-service capabilities for travelers, and simplify the most complex servicing processes. Among the new features are simplified access to enriched travel content from multiple sources, including NDC (New Distribution Capability) standard content. All customers, said Catto, enjoy a more modern, digital-first retail experience when connecting through Travelport+. That includes, she said, desktop customers, “who have said that the latest version of Smartpoint has managed to transform mundane travel management tasks into superior servicing opportunities.”