United Airlines is now integrated with the Apple Health app in iOS 15 systems to help travelers securely upload COVID-19 vaccination records on their iPhone and validate vaccine status ahead of future travel. Previously, all documents uploaded to the United app, including vaccine cards (digital screenshots or paper cards), had to be manually verified before an itinerary was marked “Ready to fly.” With iOS 15, iPhone users can securely store verifiable versions of their COVID-19 test results and immunization records in the Health app on an iPhone. Apple also recently announced that with an upcoming software update, users will also be able to add and present verifiable COVID-19 vaccination information as a vaccination card in Apple Wallet.

It works like this:

• Passengers with upcoming travel requiring proof of vaccination can visit the Travel-Ready Center on United’s iOS app.

• Passengers can select the option to upload vaccine documentation.

• Passengers can then click on “Upload,” then “Share your SMART Health Card.”

• The Apple Health app will automatically open and ask customers for permission to share their verifiable vaccination records with United.

• Once confirmed, the vaccination records will automatically be uploaded and verified on United’s system, and records will be stored until travel is complete.