Uber for Business surpassed its previous high in gross bookings in the fourth quarter of 2021, surpassing its previous high from 2019 with well over $1 billion in annual run rate gross bookings, according to Dara Khosrashowhi, CEO of Uber, speaking on a fourth-quarter earnings call. He said that over the next few years, Uber for Business’s enterprise offering, which spans both mobility and delivery, “will significantly outpace our consumer business and become a meaningful contributor to growth and profitability.” As was the case with the recent Lyft earnings report, Uber’s airport gross bookings increased significantly. Khosrashowhi said fourth-quarter 2021 airport gross bookings represented 13% of mobility gross bookings, growing 24% quarter over quarter and nearly 200% year over year, “outpacing the overall mobility segment’s recovery as consumer travel trends improved.” Uber reported fourth-quarter net income of $892 million, which compares with a net loss of $968 million a year prior. Overall gross bookings grew 51% year over year to $25.9 billion, with mobility gross bookings of $11.3 billion, up 67% year over year; and delivery gross bookings of $13.4 billion, up 34% from the year before. Trips during the quarter grew 23% year over year to 1.77 billion.