The United Arab Emirates is the most recovered country in the world as far as travel, according to research from Travelport showing the UAE has recovered to 110% of its 2019 levels, based on point of destination travel. Contributing to the UAE’s strong recovery is Dubai, which has currently recovered to 114% of its 2019 levels. This makes it the second most recovered city in the Middle East and the fifth most recovered city in the world. Dubai is also currently ranked as the top global destination for corporate travelers, who currently make up nearly one-third (29%) of all 2022 bookings to the city. Dubai is the top business travel destination in the world, currently outpacing London which ranked number one for corporate travel in 2019. Dubai’s appeal to corporate travelers, said Travelport, could be a result of successful destination events such as EXPO 2020 Dubai and The Dubai World Cup, in addition to the UAE being the most vaccinated country in the world.