Turkish Airlines has concluded its move to the new Istanbul Airport after a process called the “Great Move,” which began when the airport opened on Oct. 29. The carrier had been based at Ataturk Airport throughout its 86 years. M. Ilker Ayci, chairman of the board, said, “Currently the biggest airport project in the world, this enormous facility will be the home of the resounding local and global growth of Turkish Airlines in the future.” The final portion of the move happened over the past weekend, when the carrier flew roughly 100 airplanes between the two airports, with at one point a plane taking off every few minutes. During the move, the carrier transported what it describes as enough material to cover a total of 33 football fields. The transfer by Europe's fifth-largest airline was delayed several times in recent months because of the complexity of starting a facility designed to eventually handle 200 million passengers a year - roughly triple Ataturk's current traffic.