Turkish Airlines has been selected as Design Airlines of the Year, Europe 2022 at TheDesignAir awards.

Ahmet Olmuştur, the carrier’s CMO, said that from the entrance to the check-in counters and lounges at Istanbul Airport, and to the new cabin and seat designs on board, the airline “meticulously injects our Turkish Airlines brand identity at every touch point. With our traditional hospitality, we strive to make our passengers’ experience privileged by providing service beyond their expectations.”

According to an announcement, by carrying the warmth and sincerity of Turkish hospitality to modern and contemporary lines, Turkish Airlines has created unique designs by applying the “Flow” philosophy in all areas from all passenger touch points at Istanbul Airport to in-flight design and services.

Turkish Airlines now has a fleet of 395 (passenger and cargo aircrafts flying to 342 worldwide destinations (289 international and 53 domestic) in 129 countries.

Image: Courtesy of Turkish Airlines