Turkish Airlines has launched a new program called Co2mission, which aims to balance the carbon emissions caused by all business trips of the company’s personnel through carbon offsets and other measures. In addition, according to an announcement, passengers will be able to participate in the carbon emissions program on a voluntary basis. With Co2mission, said the announcement, the carrier “will ensure carbon offset becomes achievable and practical for anyone with environmental awareness.” A new web page (turkishairlines.co2mission.com/) offers numerous options for carbon offset with environmental and communal benefits such as renewable energy and forestation. Passengers aiming to offset the emissions of their flight can do so by contributing their desired amount to the project of their choice, thus purchasing emission reduction certification accredited by the United Nations. Passenger contributions will be used to support the projects, which are accredited by VCS (Verified Carbon Standard) and Gold Standard (another carbon certification program). Ahmet Bolat, chairman of the board, said the decision to implement the initiative is the result of the airline’s desire to conduct all its operations responsibly. “I am sure that our passengers will also show great interest in the program,” said Bolat, “with the knowledge that all of us are responsible for this beautiful world we share.”

Image: Hand-out | Credit: Turkish Airlines