Troovo Technologies, which uses a fully robotic engine for B2B payment processing, announced that WebBeds will leverage Troovo Payments within its supplier payment operations. Troovo’s robotic process automation (RPA) platform will be deployed within the WebBeds payment processing workflows to provide a completely virtual solution for routing and processing payments. Troovo will help provide the WebBeds operational and finance teams a single point of processing and management of any and all virtual card requirements and providers for WebBeds, giving total transparency and control. Tony Ristevski, CFO for Webjet Limited, parent company of WebBeds, said the arrangement gives the company the option to deploy its payment solutions quickly, easily and securely. He said it also provides total visibility and control “to optimize our payment outcomes with all our financial services partners worldwide.” Kurt Knackstedt, CEO of Troovo, said the company is “thrilled” to work with the WebBeds team “to maximize their operational and commercial goals around payments across all their fantastic brands and platforms.”