Troovo Technologies, a fully robotic platform for virtual processing of travel and B2B payment transactions, announced that it has been granted a US patent for its technology. Troovo’s patent covers the ability to utilize robotic process automation (RPA) technology rather than a person to analyze a travel booking and generate a virtual credit card based on the data in the booking.

Troovo does the work that people currently need to do when it comes to payments: using information contained in the booking to subsequently generate a virtual credit card and update the booking with those card details – all with absolutely no human intervention. Kurt Knackstedt, CEO, said the ability to use RPA for virtual card generation has always set Troovo apart from the rest of the industry. He said the need for manual intervention has always been a significant impediment to the adoption of virtual cards at scale given the immense cost (in both operational and per-card terms) of other solutions.