TripBam, the global  hotel shopping, benchmarking and analytics provider, announced a new release of its Smart Sourcing product that makes the solution available to any corporation or consultant, regardless of whether they’re an existing TripBam client or using a TMC reselling the TripBam rate auditing service. Smart Sourcing empowers travel managers and procurement professionals to secure hotel agreements in just a few clicks leveraging data collected from daily rate auditing. In recent months, new demand from consultants and buyers not already using TripBam for daily rate auditing led the company to make Smart Sourcing available as a standalone product. In addition, this release also offers a new batch RFP feature, which allows managers to easily send out multiple bids at once to thousands of hotels around the globe, as well as a new discount factor to account for difficulties in applying historical data to a post-COVID marketplace. Steve Reynolds, CEO, said making Smart Sourcing available to organizations that don’t currently use its rate auditing solution, adding the new batch RFP feature and adjusting discount recommendations to reflect current market conditions “are ways we’re working to help travel managers adapt, stay flexible, and explore alternatives to legacy sourcing processes in this new environment.”