Tripbam, a hotel shopping and analytics provider, announced new features of its Smart Sourcing solution at the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) Europe conference. The updated capabilities include a project tracking dashboard, an office geo-location dashboard and automated renewal of dynamic discounts.

Tripbam Smart Sourcing, launched in late 2019, ensures a more efficient hotel RFP process by reducing manual work for corporate travel buyers and hotels, according to the company,

David Mollov, executive vice president of hotel solutions, said Smart Sourcing was born out of the desire to simplify the hotel sourcing process for buyers and hoteliers. He said that with these three new updates, “we’re once more automating activities that up to now could only be handled manually by travel buyers.”

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The three updates in detail are:

  • The project tracker dashboard gives companies that rely heavily on project-based travel, such as professional services firms, a way to easily source negotiated rates and discounts with properties in a specific area for a set time period.
  • The office geo-location dashboard addresses the pain point of rapidly expanding companies that frequently need to source corporate rates at hotels near new office locations. Buyers simply provide Tripbam with geographic coordinates for their offices. They then receive a streamlined report detailing nearby properties already within their program and properties where they should source a new corporate discount.
  • Automated renewal of dynamic discounts eliminates the need for buyers to go back to hotel partners to extend a dynamic discount for the following year. At the click of a button, the renewal is done for them, saving time for buyers and suppliers.
The product updates are now in pilot with select customers and will be made available to clients by the end of the first quarter of 2024.