TripActions, the travel management technology company, announced its first-ever API release, TripActions REST API. The tool allows companies to seamlessly import travel and spend data to their business systems of choice. One of the most requested features from customers, according to the announcement, this addition provides customers with an easy way to access their travel data, integrate it with other data sources, and create additional insights themselves. With the solution, businesses will have the ability to import travel data automatically and securely and access real-time data to build consolidated reporting and services.

TripActions REST API customers will now benefit from:
self-serve integration (administrators can generate their own API credentials and securely share all relevant information with their data/engineering team, with just a few clicks};
real-time granular data in the application of choice (data is processed, stored, and exported in real time);
and immediate and definitive data on: all travel spend, granular trip details, ancillaries, compliance with in-policy bookings, reasons for out-of-policy bookings, carbon emissions per booking, unused ticket usage, negotiated fare savings (air only) and limitless applications.