Travelport has announced it has reached a commercial agreement with Air France-KLM to enable the distribution of the airline group’s NDC content via Travelport+, Travelport’s content distribution and travel retailing platform. Travel agents who sign an access agreement with Air France-KLM will be able to access its NDC content and services through Travelport+ in an integrated agent workflow: via the agency point-of-sale Smartpoint, or through “modern and lightweight” API connections. Pieter Bootsma, chief revenue officer at Air France-KLM, said the agreement is an important step in its distribution strategy, complementing its existing NDC distribution network. NDC, he said, is a key innovation for Air France-KLM as it allows  customers to benefit from more attractive and customized offers, such as continuous pricing and tailor-made bundles. It is an outstanding technological step, said Bootsma,  “opening up brand-new retailing perspectives in the future.” Jason Clarke, chief commercial officer-travel partners at Travelport, said the company is enhancing its longstanding partnership with Air France-KLM and is pleased to be able to offer the airline group’s differentiated NDC content alongside its traditional content to its customers.