Travelport announced that travel agents authorized to book tickets on Southwest Airlines can now offer their customers the option to purchase the airline’s EarlyBird Check-In. Now available on Travelport+, these agents and travelers will also benefit from new ticket exchange enhancements, the announcement said. With EarlyBird Check-In, agents using Travelport+ can offer travelers flying Southwest the ability to personalize their trips with automatic check-in prior to the traditional 24-hour check-in window. Travelers taking advantage of EarlyBird Check-In can secure an earlier boarding position, have a better opportunity to access their preferred available seat, and have earlier access to overhead bin space to stow carry-on luggage. Eric Hall, director of B2B channels and travel management companies strategy at Southwest, said, “EarlyBird Check-In gives business travelers the convenience of automatic check-in, which provides a better opportunity to select their preferred available seat upon boarding.” He said the company’s partnership with Travelport “is strengthened by its optimized technology, making our content more accessible, and making exchanges easier for agents to manage.”  In addition, said the announcement, agencies using Travelport+ will more easily be able to perform an even exchange of an existing EarlyBird Check-In electronic miscellaneous document despite any price difference.