Travelport, the travel technology company, has introduced enhanced RESTful / JSON APIs that, it says, “will provide next-generation retailing and exchange capabilities to travel retailers worldwide.” As part of the company’s investment in its next-generation platform, Travelport+, the new APIs are being rolled out globally, according to an announcement, and will offer retailers a gateway to better content choices, the tools to tailor their retailing experience and the power to greatly improve the efficiency of their operations. Gary Webb, CEO, said that with the new APIs, the company has expanded its modern retailing toolkit so that agencies upgrading to Travelport+ can more easily personalize the retailing experience they provide to their customers. He said the improvements will give travel retailers simplified access to dynamic retail-ready content, from multiple sources, across all their points of sale. And to ensure agencies can effectively operate as modern digital retailers, the APIs, said Webb, “will also deliver the tools to optimize storefronts, better engage customers and manage trips more efficiently.”