Travelport, the travel technology company, has launched the Travelport COVID-19 Smartpoint Plugin, which provides travel agencies with the latest information on government restrictions, lockdowns and safety measures across the globe – all within the agent workflow. It is available free to all Travelport customers globally using Travelport Smartpoint 8.2 or above and can be downloaded directly from Travelport Marketplace. The new tool provides detailed information on a range of topics, including lockdown rules, entry requirements and quarantine measures for travelers. Country-level information can be displayed at the click of a button, allowing agents to advise their customers easily and instantly. Kyle Moore, global head of customer strategy and marketing, Travelport, said the travel ecosystem today is probably the most complex it has ever been, with government, airline and hotel policies in every country constantly changing. He said Travelport is making sure its agent partners no longer need to constantly leave their workflow to search for accurate and up-to-date information – “greatly improving their efficiency in servicing their traveler customers.” The information in the Travelport COVID-19 Smartpoint Plugin is provided by global travel safety intelligence provider Safeture, and is updated daily.