Travelport, the travel commerce platform, announced a new global agreement with TTS, a travel technology company, that will secure Travelport exclusivity in the development of Travelport Mobile Agent, powering agent performance and creating a path to new ways of working remotely by providing Travelport’s agency customers with frictionless, mobile access to its platform. Rui Figueiredo, COO of TTS, said, “TTS has worked exclusively with Travelport for the past six years and building on the success of Travelport Mobile Agent, this global agreement enables Travelport’s customers to benefit from our complete portfolio of solutions that help solve problems that travel agents face every day by using simple and user-friendly technology.” The agreement provides Travelport customers access to the entire TTS product portfolio, including: TTS Consolidator, which automates processes between consolidator agencies and subagents; and TTS Corporate, a booking tool.