TakeTwo Travel Solutions, the recently launched, UK-based travel management company, has formed a partnership with PSNGR1, a US-based travel management and booking platform. The arrangement aims to provide customers in the US, UK and Europe with a “consumer-grade” interactive digital booking platform. PSNGR1, according to an announcement, enables users to book all travel via one profile and interface, making booking processes smarter, more personalized, streamlined and cost-effective for all industry stakeholders. Its platform uses TripBoards, which enable users to easily invite fellow travelers to collaboratively plan, book and manage all aspects of their trip. Chris Thelen, CEO of TakeTwo, said PSNGR1’s functionality will deliver a progressive digital booking platform for customers that’s personalized, quick and reliable, and matches the company’s premium service standards. He said it was not in customers’ best interest that TakeTwo build its own booking tools because, he said, most self-built tools are ultimately developed to increase share of wallet, not necessarily to give travel managers content that they want to buy. He said TakeTwo’s vision is to work with agile and innovative digital providers not only to deliver the next generation of travel management for clients, but also give customers a digital booking tool that’s transparent and allows the travel manager to be in control of spend.