A national survey of nearly 5,000 flight attendants conducted by the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA (AFA) found that over 85% of all respondents had dealt with unruly passengers as air travel picked up in the first half of 2021. More than half (58%) had experienced at least five incidents this year. A “shocking” 17% reported experiencing a physical incident. AFA is calling on the Federal Aviation Administration and Department of Justice to protect passengers and crew from disruptive and verbally and physically abusive travelers. Survey data confirmed that existing measures were failing to address the problem, as 71% of flight attendants who filed incident reports with airline management received no follow-up, and a majority did not observe efforts to address the rise in unruly passengers by their employers. Sara Nelson, president, said the survey confirms “what we all know,” that the vitriol, verbal and physical abuse from a small group of passengers “is completely out of control and is putting other passengers and flight crew at risk.” This is not just about masks, as some have attempted to claim, said Nelson, “but there is a lot more going on here, and the solutions require a series of actions in coordination across aviation.” She said: “This is not a ‘new normal’ we are willing to accept. We know the government, airlines, airports and all stakeholders can take actions together to keep us safe and flying friendly.”