Almost all event planners (95%) responding to a survey on July 29 said they may run a hybrid event in 2020; that figure was up from a similar survey at the beginning of July when 73% said they expected to hold a hybrid event this year. The data was collected from 1,215 event planners globally who attended the second in a series of Hybrid Events Masterclasses, organized etc. venues, a global events, training and conference venue provider. Many are already putting their feelings into action, with 34% of respondents in the process of organizing a hybrid or multi-hub event, while 61% are in the decision-making phase for their event. Nick Hoare, COO of etc. venues, said it is “really interesting and encouraging” to learn that planners’ confidence levels in hybrid events have grown significantly – and rapidly –over a short time frame. He said it is also a good sign that planners want to get back into meeting rooms and see the hybrid as a route offering greater flexibility.