Southwest Airlines reported dramatic earnings declines for March, but its leaders said in a quarterly earnings call that the company is in good enough shape to handle worst-case scenarios well into next year. The airline reported a loss of $94 million during the first quarter as demand in March dropped in a fashion that CEO Gary Kelly described as “unprecedented and frankly breathtaking.”  Kelly said the carrier expects air travel to eventually get back to normal, though a full business travel recovery could be five or more years off.  “If we can have the Roaring ’20s follow the Spanish flu of 1918, which was far worse than we are experiencing today,” he said, “then we can get through this.” Executives said the carrier had the strongest balance sheet among US airlines ahead of the pandemic, which will enable it to emerge in better shape. Kelly said that Southwest would likely have to downsize after Sept. 30 when the CARES Act prohibition against layoffs and furloughs expires, but he hopes the downsizing will be modest.