Serko, the New Zealand-based travel and expense management provider, plans to raise NZ$85 million (about $58 million) in capital “to continue investing in the global growth opportunities we have in front of us.” In its half-year financial statement, the company pointed to the global rollout of its Zeno platform in partnership with as “laying solid foundations for growth in the unmanaged travel sector.” According to the statement, Serko believes it has only just started to capture the opportunities of both its partnership with and the potential of the North American market. Darrin Grafton, CEO of Serko, said the company has built a platform “that has scaled to handle thousands of customers migrating onto the platform every day and maintained and built a system that has scaled with the demands to date.” He said Serko continues to advance its vision of the “connected trip” with enhancements to its product and the addition of new content. These include tools that allow businesses to deliver on their sustainability commitments and better discharge the duty of care they owe to their travelers, such as informing them of COVID-19 protection measures. The funds raised will be used to: continue to invest for growth into the unmanaged travel segment through the for Business partnership; accelerate the development of a global marketplace strategy; and pursue opportunities for inorganic global expansion.