Routehappy by ATPCO, the airline content company, has launched new codeshare Universal Product Attributes (UPAs) on Travix-owned websites. Codeshare UPAs, now available for Air Canada, Lufthansa Group airlines, and United Airlines, will give online flight shoppers greater transparency around the amenities and codeshare features included in flights sold by one carrier but operated by another. The granular targeting capabilities of Routehappy UPA Hub enables airlines to highlight a partner airline’s codeshare UPAs on airline direct sales channels as well as via sales partners.  

More sales channels will be integrating codeshare UPAs soon. Marc Bricault, direct distribution analyst at Air Canada, said the codeshare UPAs will be instrumental in helping Air Canada explain the intricacies of codeshare flights to customers. He said that a lot of travelers don’t understand the amenities that are available to them when booking a codeshare flight. Making this more transparent and easier to understand will help alleviate any potential confusion, he said.