Rocketrip, the technology platform for reducing corporate travel costs, has formed a partnership with Altour, one of the country’s largest TMCs. Altour clients will now be able to leverage Rocketrip’s technology for dynamic budgeting and tap into a volume of travel options that, the companies say, will unlock greater cost savings than they could have realized through conventional travel procurement and expense management practices alone. Dan Ruch, CEO of Rocketrip, said. “Rocketrip and Altour are chasing the same vision, and this partnership is a major benchmark in reaching a new world of business travel that’s more human-centric and seamlessly delivers more value overall.” Rocketrip triangulates real-time market data and availability, historical travel patterns of an individual, complex policies, and Altour’s negotiated rates to determine a traveler’s customized Budget to Beat. For every dollar saved under the custom budget, the traveler keeps half.