Two third of attendees at a GBTA conference in Munich last year said they are broadly confident or very confident about the industry’s ability to make business travel more sustainable. The percentage grew to 71% when attendees were asked about the willingness of the industry to make necessary changes. The findings were part of a report published by CWT and GBTA called “The Big Idea: How Can We Make Business Travel More Sustainable?” Among the drivers of sustainability, according to the report, is the growing social conscience, especially among millennials and centennials, that is putting pressure on companies. By adopting a proactive approach, combined with state-of-the-art technology and data capacities, said the report, TMC’s can play a key role in making business travel more sustainable. The identified constraints ranged from employer apathy to a perceived lack of alternative options. The implementation cost of more sustainable air and accommodation options as well as a lack of reporting or measurement were also identified as impediments.