Qatar Airways and Google Cloud have agreed to collaborate on exploring the leveraging of Google Cloud’s data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to create superior customer experiences for the carrier’s passengers.

In 2022, Qatar Airways carried 18.5 million passengers across 150 destinations worldwide. This large volume of passengers, according to the announcement, drives an abundance of structured and unstructured data to the airline’s digital transformation unit. The proposed collaboration is intended to help bring deeper meaning to Qatar Airways’ customer data through the power of Google’s data analytics, AI and machine learning (ML) solutions. This, in turn, said the announcement, will enable the airline to enhance the travel experience for passengers, providing them with offerings personalized to their individual needs, travel trends and past travel history.

A.T. Srinivasan, chief information officer for Qatar Airways, said the partnership brings the carrier the opportunity to build elasticity and scalability on demand, as it increasingly looks to leverage both structured and unstructured data to personalize customer and employee experiences. The carrier, he said, will also leverage Google’s highly secure and diverse set of cloud service offerings for optimizing airline and airport operations particularly in the areas of aircraft inventory, and flight operations both on the ground and in the air.

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Qatar Airways and Google Cloud will explore further areas of collaboration, including using cloud tools to drive cost optimization, increase streamlined operations and more, according to the announcement. Sustainability is also a top priority in the airline’s digital transformation roadmap, and Qatar Airlines will explore using Google Cloud to implement new programs that will support the carrier in fulfilling its sustainability goals by 2030.

Images: Images: Miguel Lagoa/Shutterstock/Google Cloud