Qantas Airways trade partners now have access to an always-on discount of up to 4% on domestic fares when booking via the Qantas Distribution Platform (QDP).

The initiative means travel agents and their customers will be able to take advantage of cheaper Australian domestic fares via the QDP, compared with other indirect booking systems.

The QDP – built using IATA’s NDC standards – is designed to modernize the retailing experience that trade partners provide to customers with a wider range of products, features and capabilities.

Igor Kwiatkowski, manager of global sales and distribution, said the new discount complements the many capabilities already enabled through the QDP such as richer content and increased customer personalization.

With 60 international markets now able to connect to the platform, said Kwiatkowski, trade partners both around the world and at home will be able take advantage of the lower fares and other benefits of the platform. “Working collaboratively alongside our trade partners,” he said, “we know we can deliver a great outcome for our mutual customers, and we look forward to welcoming more partners onto the platform in the coming months.”

Image: monticello/Shutterstock