Priceline, the online travel agency, announced that it will deploy Google Cloud’s generative AI technologies across both customer-facing and internal parts of its business. Customers will soon be able to engage with a new, generative AI-powered chatbot and will also begin to see more personalized offerings when searching for hotels worldwide.

In addition, according to the announcement, Priceline employees will benefit from increased and easier access to internal information and realize productivity gains by using AI to automate some of their time-intensive coding and content generation tasks.

Priceline's initial Google Cloud generative AI deployments will begin rolling out this summer and include:
Full-scale travel assistant chatbot to provide customers with a conversational experience in answering any and all questions about trip planning, and the ability to book a trip directly within the chat experience.

New, AI-powered personalized hotel booking experience to help customers find preferred hotels by proximity to local attractions, restaurants and activities.

Generative AI-powered marketing platform to enable Priceline teams to automatically generate marketing copy and imagery for customers across all company channels.

Enhanced developer productivity, automation, and internal database mining tools to be expanded with new internal information search capabilities and software production capabilities.

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Marty Brodbeck, chief technology officer for Priceline, said that with Google Cloud as its AI innovation partner, the company is “doubling down on our commitment to delivering the fastest, most seamless and informative booking experience for our customers, from personalized planning and travel inspiration to customer service."

Image: monticello/Shutterstock