PredictX, a UK-based AI-drive business travel data specialist, announced the launching of Air Sourcing Navigator, an application giving corporate travel managers dynamic insights to help them optimize their air programs. The technology pulls the corporation’s real-time air travel and expense data from the PredictX analytics platform.

The solution uses advanced data science to analyze and benchmark data to detect opportunities, for example on certain routes, airlines or class of travel, where the travel manager could negotiate or renegotiate a better deal.
The PredictX platform ingests data from over 200 sources, including TMCs, expense systems, credit cards, OBTs, GDS systems, suppliers, HR systems and more. Air Sourcing Navigator also uses technology within PredictX’s AI platform,, to enable travel managers to interpret the data in more detail.

Additional specialist hotel and ground transport sourcing applications will be released later this year.

Keesup Choe, CEO, said the company’s mission is to empower clients to forecast and automate critical business decisions. Its platform, he said, puts the power of AI at their fingertips, so they can immediately make better decisions based on accurate data and predictive insights.

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PredictX identified air sourcing as an area where buyers would benefit from an AI-led approach to data science to make informed decisions based on dynamic insights, said Choe.