British Airways’ new chief executive Sean Doyle called on the British government to introduce a preflight testing program, saying it was necessary to end quarantine restrictions in order to rebuild the economy. Speaking at the Airlines 2050 Forum, he said the company’s position is that “we do not believe quarantine is the solution.” He said the best way to reassure people is to introduce a reliable and affordable test before flying. “We need a fundamental rethink,” said Doyle, who assumed his position just a week ago. “Preflight testing lets our passengers know that the chance of traveling in close proximity to somebody who is infected is low.” However, speaking at the same conference, transport minister Grant Shapps said that the country’s chief medical officer has made clear that testing would not catch a sufficient number of travelers who are asymptomatically carrying the virus. A Day Zero test, he said, could allow a significant number of people to wrongly believe they are not bringing COVID-19 back into the country.