Nearly half of respondents in a survey say their organization relies on manual processes – either spreadsheets, pen and paper, or homegrown systems – to manage travel and expenses, according to the 2019 Travel and Expense Management Trends Report from Certify, a provider of spend management software. The report analyzes data drawn from nearly 600 CFOs, controllers, accountants and end users from a broad range of industries. The report also shows that almost half do not track the cost to process expense reports, and “poor visibility into T&E data” is cited as the leading organizational pressure to improve T&E management in 2019. Robert Neveu, CEO of Certify Inc./ Chrome River, said there is vast potential for organizations to update their T&E systems to maximize efficiency, gain tremendous visibility and scale up productivity. Among the report’s other findings is that only 72 percent of organizations have a formal T&E policy in place, and of these 58 percent report that their travelers’ understanding of the polices is at best “decent – but in need of improvement.”