Over half of travel buyers say their companies have changed their travel policies in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and 70% of those characterize the policy changes as being “somewhat” or “a lot,” according to a new poll from GBTA. When asked what travel program changes have been made due to the pandemic, the respondents cited most frequently: instituting new rules about pre-trip approval (53%); having more frequent or detailed pre-trip communications or briefings (35%); collecting health information from employee travelers (i.e., virus exposure or preexisting conditions (24%); and clarifying or changing rules about ticket credits/unused tickets (22%). While a majority of GBTA companies (68%) say they have enough information on supplier cleaning and sanitation practices, one-quarter (24%)  say they would still like more. In addition, half (49%) feel they have enough information about operational changes such as flight rescheduling or check-in procedures, but more than one-third (37%) say they would like more information. Despite the rising infection rates in some parts of the world, companies are still considering a return to travel. Half (49%) are considering resuming all travel (regardless of country or region) in the near future, although they do not currently have definite plans. Only about one in five (18%) GBTA member companies report they do not plan to resume all travel in the near future.