Generally speaking, most corporate travel managers are satisfied with work-life balance and engagement with their day-to-day responsibilities. This according to a new report from the Global Business Travel Association and Cvent.
The report, entitled “The Life and Times of a Corporate Travel Manager: Travel Manager Reflections on Their Career and the Evolving Role,” found that almost all respondents (90 percent) said they "like” (58 percent) or “love” (31 percent) working in the field. 
The survey of 186 travel managers in the US and Europe revealed those based in the US said they expect to earn a median salary of $117,500 this year. That’s an increase of 3.5 percent over 2022. Meanwhile, travel managers in Europe expect to see a more modest 1.9 percent increase from last year, averaging €70.000 in 2023. 
However, the report says the expected salary increases in both regions are not expected to keep pace with inflation rates.

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Other key findings in the report show that travel managers have entered the field in different ways and from various professional backgrounds. Almost half of current travel managers (49 percent) have prior experience working for a travel supplier, while more than one-quarter (28 percent) held previous positions in procurement that did not involve travel, and 17 percent of respondents came from a finance/accounting background.