More than a third (38%) of meeting decision makers believe they will determine how their 2021 events will be hosted within the first quarter of the year (virtual, hybrid or in-person), according to a survey by Pathable, a virtual meeting platform. Although public health conditions and restrictions will continue to evolve over the year, these results indicate that many plan to make key decisions about their events early on. Even more planners, nearly 40%, plan to select a platform to host their event within the first quarter of the year. In fact, only 3.5% of respondents plan to select an event platform for 2021 in July or later. Almost all respondents (96%) said they would host a fully online or virtual event if an in-person component was not allowed. Another 22% answered that they would also offer additional resources to attendees, like webinars and virtual networking. After a year of adjusting to the limitations of not being able to meet in person, these responses, said Pathable, clearly indicate that planners have seen the value of virtual and “prefer this method of engagement during these unknown and evolving times rather than canceling their event or not providing a space for connectivity at all.”