Mezi, an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered personal travel assistant, launched Mezi for Business for the corporate travel vertical. The Mezi for Business platform – which includes a Travel Dashboard for corporate partners – and smartphone app for travelers – uses AI and machine learning to automate the travel booking and management process for the corporate travel industry. Mezi for Business customers include American Express and TMC’s Adelman Travel, Casto Travel and W Travel; several other major companies and airlines are preparing to pilot the technology this year. The solution includes: AI powered chatbots that automates most conversations; dynamic travel profiles; personal travel assistant app; and partnerships with major travel services like Sabre, Expedia and Priceline. While Mezi for Business is a new offering for the corporate travel industry, the service, according to the company, has already been used by more than 100,000 travelers and processed over 50 million words across 500,000 conversations.