A recently published survey says 65% of meeting planner respondents have meetings booked in the fourth quarter of 2021; 60% of planners do not expect to cancel or postpone meetings in 2022; and 48% of planners expect to have the same number of events in 2022 as in 2019. The research is laid out in “2021 Planner Survey: The State of the Meetings Industry,” a report from Knowland, a data analytics company for the meetings industry; and ConferenceDirect, a full-service meetings solutions provider. Kristi White, chief product officer, Knowland, said the company’s data continues to indicate that in-person meetings are coming back. While these events may not look the same, thanks to new processes and social protocols, she said, the industry can expect a pre-pandemic level of bookings soon. To that end, said White, hoteliers should look to prioritize sales staffing and training efforts to enable them to handle the coming demand. Larry Hanson, chief marketing officer, ConferenceDirect, said planners have continued to evolve and redefine what is possible with events through the latest digital technologies. While they are concerned about constrained budgets and the impact of staff shortages on servicing their meetings, he said, respondents expect in-person meetings to dominate 2022, with approximately 80% of events being face-to-face.