Marriott International has crossed the 20% occupancy threshold globally, according to Arne Sorenson, CEO, speaking at a Goldman Sachs Travel and Leisure Conference.  Sorenson said occupancy is now at more than 40% in China and adding “a point and a half or so of incremental occupancy every week” in the US over the last six weeks. He said the hotels that are doing the best are those with drive-to business, including business travel.  Another positive sign, said Sorenson, is that construction of new hotels is continuing largely as planned before the pandemic. He said that shows that development partners are still looking forward to the long-term trends that have been driving hotel demand. Discussing new cleanliness initiatives, Sorenson said there will be new costs, but also new savings. For example, he said electrostatic sprayers that will be used to sanitize surfaces will have costs, but there will be savings due to accelerated adoption of digital check-in technology and less frequent housekeeping.