Lyft, the ride-sharing service, has expanded the ability of customers to use pre-tax commuter benefits dollars to 14 new cities, adding to the four where the option was introduced last year. The program is available on Lyft Line, the company’s carpooling option. Riders can save 35 percent in costs by using pre-tax dollars for Line rides in all 18 cities, according to Lyft. To take advantage of the program, riders need to link their commuter benefit card to their Lyft account by adding it as a payment method in the Lyft app. Then they can use the commuter dollars on their card to pay for Line rides, whether they are a commuter subsidy provided by an employer or an amount the customer has set aside pre-tax from their paychecks. Lyft is partnering with WageWorks, Benefit Resource, Commuter Benefit Solutions, Navia, Zenefits and Ameriflex on the program.