Lufthansa will be the first airline in the world to equip all long-haul aircraft with the mobile EKG (Electrocardiogram) system, CardioSecur. In case of on-board medical emergencies, the compact, intuitive system will allow flight attendants without cardiological expertise to record an EKG for passengers and send the test results directly to a medical hotline on the ground. The system was initially tested in 2018 on the A380 fleet and it will now be available for medical emergencies on all long-haul aircraft within the Lufthansa fleet. The results of the resting EKG conducted directly onboard the aircraft provide a better basis for deciding whether it is necessary to divert a plane in order to provide medical care on the ground in case of medical emergencies, said Dr. Sven-Karstenu Peters, a cardiologist with the Lufthansa Medical Service. Cardiovascular complaints, according to the carrier,  are the most common cause of medical incidents on board.