Lufthansa has made permanent changes in its structure in anticipation of flight restrictions not being lifted for months and air travel demand not returning to pre-pandemic level for years. Based on this evaluation, the carrier’s executive board has decided to implement extensive measures to reduce the capacity of flight operations and administration long term. Six Airbus A380’s and seven A340-600’s, as well as five Boeing 747-400’s, will be permanently decommissioned. In addition, 11 Airbus A320’s will be withdrawn from short-haul operations. The six A380’s (from a fleet of 14) were already scheduled for sale to Airbus in 2022. The decision to phase out the A340-600’s and the Boeing 747-400’s was taken based on the environmental as well as economic disadvantages of these aircraft types. There will also be reductions in capacity at other Lufthansa Group airlines, including Eurowings, Lufthansa CityLine, Austrian Airlines and Brussels Airlines.