The Lufthansa Group airlines and Travelport announced a new distribution agreement “that enables modern airline retailing as well as technology innovation.” Under the agreement, which covers the carriers Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Lufthansa, SWISS and Air Dolomiti, Travelport will distribute Lufthansa Group airlines’ New Distribution Capability (NDC)  content through the next-generation content distribution and travel retailing platform Travelport+. Both companies are already in the process of implementing end-to-end NDC functionality. The launch, expected in the first half of 2022, also lays the foundation for a diversified NDC program giving Travelport-connected travel agencies the ability to access Lufthansa Group airlines’ content through Travelport+ by signing up to one of the two available commercial NDC models, the NDC Public model or NDC Bilateral model. Tamur Goudarzi Pour, senior vice president channel management, Lufthansa Group Network Airlines, said the agreement allows a maximum level of flexibility, and “confirms that Travelport and Lufthansa Group airlines are teaming up to drive change in our industry towards true retailing capabilities and implementing customer-centric processes that together elevate the customer experience to new levels.”