A large majority (86%) of respondents to a Meeting Professionals International “Fall Meetings Outlook” survey anticipated “favorable” business conditions over the next few years — the second most positive response seen in the survey’s history.

However, 65% of respondents also said they are having a difficult time filling job vacancies, down slightly from the previous quarter but still the second highest this data point has been.
In other results:

  • Meeting professionals are preparing for inflation and/or recession; most notably, 78% say they’re seeking new revenue opportunities. In the previous quarter, only 34% of respondents said they were seeking new revenue channels.
  • A clear majority (64%) of respondents describe the current meeting/event business landscape as a “seller’s market”; only 19% identify it as a “buyer’s market.”
  • More than a third say their organizations are back to pre-pandemic business conditions, with another third saying that will come sometime next year.
  • Challenges on the registration side persist, with 65% reporting more last-minute registration, making predictive analysis increasingly difficult. Paired with increasing costs, budgeting has become more challenging.