Kayak for Business, a free corporate travel solution, has integrated Southwest Airlines into its platform. According to an announcement from Kayak for Business, this makes the process of booking a business trip and earning Southwest Rapid Rewards points easier. Through the integration, said the announcement, travelers and travel decision-makers will be able to compare all available travel options in one place, making Kayak for Business a one-stop shop designed for small and medium-sized businesses. Southwest Business customers can now access the airline’s fares on Kayak for Business, which includes any discounts or the ability to book travel using Rapid Rewards points where applicable. Through the Kayak for Business interface, users can now also add EarlyBird, allowing customers to be checked in for their flights automatically 36 hours prior to departure. With more than 10,000 small- and medium-sized businesses signed up for Kayak for Business, the company is also rolling out two new features for users: the ability to cancel and change trips as well as pay for upcoming trips with unused tickets or travel credits. Jonathan Fitzsimons, head of business development, Kayak for Business, said business travelers want to see all their options in one place, “something that has been missing from other corporate travel solutions — and one that Kayak for Business can deliver.” With Southwest joining the platform, he said, “business travelers and travel decision-makers alike now have access to more travel options than ever before.”