JTB Business Travel, a JTB USA brand that caters to small and midsize enterprises (SMEs), announced a global strategic partnership with Spotnana, which calls itself the world’s first travel-as-a-service platform. Spotnana’s cloud-based travel platform, according to the announcement, will enhance, simplify and modernize business travel management for JTB Business Travel’s clients and strategic partners.

According to the announcement, today’s SMEs expect travel management companies to deliver top-notch services by curating and drawing on an ecosystem of leading-edge content and data sources. To fulfill these expectations, particularly as AI and machine learning are poised to revolutionize the industry further, JTB Business Travel, according to the announcement, will call on Spotnana to serve as its next-generation booking platform.

In addition, according to the announcement, Spotnana’s core infrastructure will interface with other JTB strategic partners, such as Goodwings, offering clients a complement of advanced technology customized to their needs. (Goodwings is a sustainability-first travel management system that helps businesses reduce their emissions.)

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Tosh Tatezawa, CEO of JTB USA, said too often in the travel industry, cutting-edge technology and service excellence are mutually exclusive. “Today’s business travelers need the most advanced tech tools and superb service, all working seamlessly together,” he said.

Sarosh Waghmar, CEO of Spotnana, said the partnership “represents the coming together of pioneering industry leaders, each committed to creating the best possible traveler experience.”

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