JetBlue announced a new TrueBlue loyalty program that, according to the carrier, offers new perks and more choices. The plan is set to go live in spring 2023.

The new program, according to the announcement, maintains most of TrueBlue’s signature perks while also allowing TrueBlue members new opportunities to earn perks and status along the way. The more ways customers interact with JetBlue, the more perks they can earn. According to the announcement, everyone from infrequent travelers to road warriors can find ways to earn and redeem rewards, from JetBlue Vacations hotel and cruise packages to cars, stays and activities, many JetBlue flight extras and add-ons, and purchases on all JetBlue credit cards.

Robin Hayes, CEO, said the company was evolving its loyalty strategy “to deliver even more value for customers across our entire suite of travel products and partnerships, including those who take advantage of our strategic partnership with American Airlines.”

Among the changes:
  • “Tiles” become the new way to track and measure progress toward Mosaic status, JetBlue’s most loyal group of travelers.
  • Customizable Perks You Pick, available to more TrueBlue members without Mosaic status, will reward more travelers sooner.
  • Multiple levels of Mosaic, each with Mosaic Signature Perks and Perks You Pick, bring expanded perks to JetBlue’s most loyal customers.
  • Customers can combine spend counts with all JetBlue credit cards. Add up JetBlue travel spend and any JetBlue credit card spend to unlock perks.
  • New JetBlue credit card enhancements on select cards bring new perks to cardholders.
The new TrueBlue will carry over many of the current perks, including:
  • All members will continue to earn TrueBlue points on JetBlue and eligible American Airlines flights, and can redeem those points for award travel on JetBlue, including any seat at any time, with no blackout dates or expiration dates.
  • TrueBlue points will never expire.
  • Use Cash + Points to pay for JetBlue flights and JetBlue Vacations packages.
  • Pool points with family and friends.
  • Earn double points on or the JetBlue app.
  • Select reciprocal loyalty benefits for Mosaic members traveling on American Airlines.
In the spring of 2023, Mosaic-qualifying points and segments will be retired, and TrueBlue members will see how many tiles they have based on how much they’ve already spent in 2023. Any member eligible for Perks You Pick will have the opportunity to select them based on their in-progress 2023 tile count.

Mosaic members will be assigned a Mosaic level based on how much they spent in 2022 or how much they spent in 2023, whichever is greater. They’ll immediately begin receiving the Mosaic Signature Perks of each level and will have the opportunity to select Mosaic Perks You Pick associated with that level.

Image: JetBlue Media Room