Internova, a major network of travel agencies, launched a “Go Human. Be Human.” marketing campaign to encourage travelers to use a live travel agent when planning their trips. While the campaign focuses on leisure travel initially, according to executives, it will be broadened to include corporate travelers. Brent Rivard, chief marketing officer, said the company is working hard to “achieve relevance” for the corporate traveler. “We believe,” he said, “there is as much insight here for business travel as for leisure travel.” According to Rivard, coming out of the pandemic there will be a much larger focus on the quality afforded to business travel. Prior to the crisis, he said, business travel “was commoditized and focused on procurement. Now it will be more about quality.” Angie Licea, president of the Global Travel Collection, an Internova group of high-end travel advisors, added: “It is more than likely that an algorithm will not be able to get you an upgrade. There is no automated assistant that does automatic upgrades.”