Internova Travel Group announced plans to be carbon neutral by the end of this year.

To achieve the goal, the company has developed two new programs for customers that will assist them in reducing their travel emissions:

• The Climate Positive Program is designed for corporate customers, to help them assess their company’s sustainability efforts, measure their emissions, develop options to offset those emissions and communicate to their stakeholders, customers and employees.

• The Climate Action Program is designed for leisure travel clients, allowing them to make a 1% contribution of their trip cost to partially offset emissions. Travelers will also receive tips and news on sustainability efforts in the industry. Internova is also committed to providing its travel advisors with training on sustainability and offering workshops with travel suppliers on how to build sustainable itineraries.

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Gabe Rizzi, president, said that as a travel company, Internova believes it has a special responsibility to become a strong advocate for the environment. He said the company plays two critical roles in supporting sustainable travel globally.

“The first is spreading awareness of climate change through education and the actions we can take today to help minimize its impacts around the world, and secondly, we are on our path to becoming carbon neutral by the end of 2023. We believe we should lead by example as one of the world’s largest travel services distribution companies.”

Internova represents more than 100,000 travel advisors in over 6,000 company-owned and affiliated locations predominantly in the US, Canada and the UK, with a presence in more than 80 countries.

Image: Yalcin Sonat/Shutterstock