The Inflation Reduction Act passed by the U.S. Senate includes tax credits for the sale or use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). Under the legislation, airlines would receive credits of between $1.25 and $1.75 per gallon for SAF purchases, depending on how much the fuel improves on standard jet fuel emissions. To qualify for the credit, the SAF purchased would have to offer an emissions reduction of at least 50%. The tax credit would be in place through 2024 and is aimed at accelerating the production of domestic SAF. The Biden administration has set a target of 3 billion gallons of domestic SAF production annually by 2030, although US companies produced just 4.5 million gallons of the fuel in 2020. However, numerous SAF refinery projects in the US and around the world are in development. The International Air Transport Association projects a 50-fold increase in global SAF production by 2025. The Democrat-controlled House is expected to approve the legislation soon.