Leaders of 23 global travel companies sent a letter to President Biden urging greater progress toward reopening international travel — as is successfully happening elsewhere in the world — and warning of dire economic consequences if US borders remain shut. The letter was signed by the U.S. Travel Association, Airlines for America and the top executives of 21 hotel, airline and cruise companies. It notes that current science, the success of the US vaccine rollout, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)’s own guidance allow for steps toward a safe resumption of international visitation. The letter says that while US borders remain closed to much of the world, the remarkable scientific advancements to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and the tremendous vaccine deployment have made reopening possible. It also urges the establishment of a public-private task force by the end of May to develop a risk-based, data-driven road map for safely reopening international travel to the US. The letter further states that efforts toward reopening should start by pursuing a “public health corridor” between the US and the UK, given that country’s importance as a travel market and its similar pace of vaccinations and declining infection rates.