The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is urging governments to avoid quarantine measures when re-opening their economies. The association is promoting a layered approach of measures to reduce the risk of countries importing Covid-19 via air travel and to mitigate the possibility of transmission in cases where people may travel while unknowingly being infected. Alexandre de Juniac, director general, said imposing quarantine measures on arriving travelers keeps countries in isolation and the travel and tourism sector in lockdown. He said there are policy alternatives that can reduce the risk of importing COVID-19 infection while still allowing for the resumption of travel and tourism that are vital to jumpstarting national economies. IATA encouraged measures in two areas. First was reducing the risk of imported cases by discouraging symptomatic passengers from traveling; using public health measures like screening, temperature checks and tracing; and testing travelers from what are perceived to be “higher-risk” countries. The second group of measures involves mitigating risk by: reducing the possibility of transmission during air travel; contract tracing; and reducing risk of transmission at destinations